Classified ads for culture and media people of Canada. 1. Quick intro 2.

Hi, I'm Willow [Introductions]

What's your name? What do you like to be called? Willow What do you do? Writer Where are you located? Montreal Can you share a link to your web site,…
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A Guide to The Resumes & Job Seeking Category [Resumes & job seeking]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. The Resumes & Job Seeking Category is where people indicate that they are looking for work. People wishing to share their information to keep…
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A Guide to The Share Your Work Category [Share your work]

The Share Your Work category is a space for people to share what they’ve been up to. It is comprised of the following subcategories: Comedy, Filmmaking & Video, Journalism, Music,…
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A Guide to The Events Category [Events]

Events is the category where people share cool things that are happening soon. Share concerts, panel discussions, conferences, poetry readings, live radio shows, and more. Be sure to provide all…
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A Guide to The Services Category [Services]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. This is where people advertise services they want to offer. Maybe you’re a copywriter, a film colorist, or a musician skilled at composing scores.…
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A Guide to The Ideas Category [Ideas]

The Ideas category is where people throw ideas around and see what sticks. Brainstorm creative solutions, discuss themes, what art means to you, where to go for the best community…
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A Guide to the Announcements Category [Announcements]

Got news to share with Canada’s media community? Spill the (baked) beans.The Announcements category is where people share updates, cool things that have happened to them, or general announcements. Tell…
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A Guide to The Jobs & Gigs Category [Jobs & gigs]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. The Jobs & Gigs category is where people post job offers. Work can be contract-based, full-time, part-time, freelance, or gig. Please provide as much…
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A Guide to the Classes & Training Category [Classes & training]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. The Classes & Training category is where people share information about upcoming training opportunities. Whether it’s your own course, your friend’s, or a class…
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A Guide to the Projects & Collaborations Category [Projects & collaboration]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. The Projects and Collaboration category is where people can share information about what they're working on and invite others to contribute. Tell us about…
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