Petites annonces pour les gens de la culture et des médias du Canada. 1. Introduction rapide 2.

A Guide to The Services Category [Services]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. This is where people advertise services they want to offer. Maybe you’re a copywriter, a film colorist, or a musician skilled at composing scores.…
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A Guide to the Projects & Collaborations Category [Projets et collaboration]

Welcome to Speak of the Locals. The Projects and Collaboration category is where people can share information about what they're working on and invite others to contribute. Tell us about…
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Check out my podcast COVID Demoted on [Podcast & Radio]

A rapid response podcast, featuring interviews with people under quarantine in areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this podcast is to rapidly disseminate first-hand accounts and unfiltered…
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