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Welcome to Speak of the Locals. The Projects and Collaboration category is where people can share information about what they're working on and invite others to contribute. Tell us about your project—maybe you're looking for a partner to write an epistolary novel with, a musician to put their sick beats to your latest film, or several media-makers to invite onto your podcast. Whatever the project is, be sure to describe it in as much detail as possible. Give specifics about the kinds of collaborator(s) you're seeking. That way, we'll get a clear idea of what you're looking for.

Some guiding questions: what's the central message of your project? How long is it now, and how long is it projected to be? What skills or qualities are you seeking in a collaborator?

Here's an example:

Hi there,
I'm writing a script for a comic book series. The first arc spans three issues (probably about 2-22 pages each). It's set in an SF world where emotions are tied in with health, so any extreme feelings of anger or sadness manifest as immediate physical deterioration, with the converse being true for feelings like happiness and belonging. The protagonist is a young person who has come to the city to study nursing and escape their dark past. It's a tale of survival in a world with high stakes. I envision the art style as raw and grungy, with a bit of a punk look to it, but I'm open to ideas (See the attached images for examples of the style of comic illustration that i'm into.) Stick figures are the extent of my artistic prowess, so I'd love to team up on this. If you're interested in collaborating, send me a message!

Please note: Projects & Collaborations is for people looking to create cool stuff with others for the joy of it. For paid work, head to Jobs & Gigs.

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